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Unibera Group is coming up with a Super-Specialty Hospital in Bihar, On Patna-Muzaffarpur National Highway at a Distance of Approx. 2 Kms. from Muzaffarpur. The Location is strategically placed at the National Highway connecting Muzaffarpur and Patna, surrounded by nearly over 232 Villages and with close proximity to over 7-8 Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities. The area in spite of the great footfall currently does not have any Modern, Multi-Specialty or super Specialty Hospital, thereby the initiative will be boon to people in the area, who could avail Modern and World class medical procedures by the Best Doctors, Nurses and Specialists who will be the part of this great initiative.

Bihar, with almost 29.6 % of the Medicine Consumption in country still remains deprived with the latest medical procedures and the patients have to travel out for getting the treatments. The initiative will be empowering their lives with better Healthcare Facilities, Health Rural Awareness Programs and will provide them Quality and Healthy Living.


Vision of Unibera Hospitals is not just restricted or refined to deliver the society best of healthcare but also to empower the state’s economy by creating the Medical Tourism Hub in Bihar. Bihar has been a Buddhist Pilgrimage Place with Bodh Gaya and many tourists from all over the world travel Bihar for its Religious and Cultural Significance, but Unibera envisions to deliver Bihar its first Medical tourism Destination, where World Class Medical Treatments and Latest Medical Procedures will be offered at Competitive Costs as a package, where Best Healthcare will combine with Luxury and Cultural Exposure.

Unibera also combines the Naturopathy Centre at its Healthcare Facility, with unmatched facilities and professionalism. The first 300 Bedded Hospital by Unibera Group will therefore be equipped with Best healthcare Procedures, Naturopathy Centre, Yoga and Meditation Centre and modern amenities to offer Health combined with Luxury.

With the surrounding population of over 2 Crores, the Hospital will not just be Medical tourism Hub but will also ensure better medical facilities for the population. Our Rural Development Programs will deliver better medical facilities and health for everyone. Mr. Mrityunjay Kumar (CMD: Unibera Group), with a vision to empower the foundations and lifestyles, comes up with this unique initiative and vision to start up a Hospital which will in itself create a footfall for itself and redefine the Medical Standards within the State of Bihar, creating it to be next Medical Tourism Destination for best Medical Treatments in India. The key driven plan for the Hospital is to take benefits for Medical Tourism and Naturopathy Treatments with no waiting time for surgeries. Medical Tourism Market is valued to be worth over $610 million with Foreign Patients coming by 100,000 every year, and the market is predicted to grow to $20 billion by 2015.


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Medical records go digital in India.

Medical history, health information of patients are digitised and uploaded to a secure online account.

Maintaining digitised personal health records for customers, not a new domain overseas, is only now catching on among the desi diaspora.

The management of personal health records is a tedious task, which is why digitisation is being offered as a viable alternative. While service providers like Microsoft and Google have already entered this sector, a few India players are also eyeing it.

Affiliate Marketing Concepts

Choosing a good affiliate network program is important after you have already decided on the market that you want to base your business in. You will want to make sure that you are offering relevant products to your market. Besides taking care of your customer, you will also have to make sure that you will be credited for the work that you have put in. Here are the 3 things that you need to take note before joining any affiliate program.

The 1st thing that you want to do is to make sure that the affiliate program is reliable. You will want to do some research to make sure that they are a reliable company and they will pay their affiliates commission on time. You do not want to put in all the effort and then realized that you will not be paid.

The 2nd thing that you want to do is to check that the merchant is giving good customer support. As you will be the one that refers your customer to purchase the product, you will want to make sure that the merchant will help the customer if they need any help. If the merchant do not give good customer support and the customer is angry, it will not reflect well on you. Your customer might not purchase the product from you again in the future.